Thursday, June 24, 2010


Since Knox has started eating real food, the dogs have become much more interested in him. Now, every time we pull out the high chair, they come running as if they'd heard us shake the goodie bag.

Then they man their station (right under the high chair) and begin circling like vultures, watching for the first morsel to hit the floor. They generally don't have to wait long.

They've learned, quickly, that Knox's aim is a little off-target. And by "a little", I mean that, after a meal, the kid has a diaper that is messier on the outside than on the inside. But he is an independent little dude and finds great joy in feeding (or, rather, attempting to feed) himself. He's given up on painstakingly picking up one piece at a time and has moved on to the less accurate "grab a fistful and open wide" technique. What doesn't end up in his lap usually ends up on the floor. Much to the delight of his 4-legged brothers.

Today he had fresh blueberries and strawberries. He loves guacamole and Cheerios. We've tried egg yolks, cottage cheese, yogurt and black olives...and Daddy snuck him a taste of ice cream. He can drink from a sippy cup without help. I also discovered Wacky Mac: pasta made from vegetables. Genius!

Yes, that is a Cheerio on Vinnie's back. Just an occupational falling sippy cups. All in a day's work.

Saturday, June 19, 2010