Sunday, September 26, 2010

Joe Dirt

Time flies! We are less than one week away from Knox's first birthday. It hardly seems possible! In three short days, we are heading to the airport for a much needed vacation. Our first 5 days will be spent in Pennsylvania for my sister's wedding. After that, we'll head to New Hampshire for a stay at the Hacienda with Ib's folks. And, just in time for New England foliage! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Meanwhile, the little dude has been busy, busy, busy! He is curious about everything. He wants to know how things work. I've noticed that he has started playing little games. He'll take all his blocks (Thanks, Auntie Ro!) out of the box and stack them in a pile, or put them into another container. And then he will put them all back in the box, again.

He is also facsinated by balancing his blocks on things. Lately, his pedestal of choice is the drawer pulls on the file cabinet. He'll spend a few minutes getting the blocks to sit on the handle, just so, then he will take them off and do it all over again.

He is one smart cookie!

He has 5 teeth now (2 on bottom, 3 up top) with a 6th ready to poke through any day now. I already see braces in his future. He is still practicing walking. He's taken as many as 3 steps on his own, but he is very comfortable walking beside you and holding one hand.

And, unfortunately, he is still sneaking out the doggy door to eat rocks and grabbing fistfuls of dirt out of my potted plants. Yep:100% Boy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, Crap[per]!

I had a minor mishap while cleaning the bathroom this morning. I carefully, or so I thought, put Ib's aftershave on the shelf above the toilet so I could wipe down the sink. Then I heard the crash. Unfortunately, it was even worse than it sounded.

Scissors might beat paper; And rock might beat scissors. But, apparently, glass beats porcelain.

In fact, glass downright kicked porcelain's butt.

Not exactly how Ib and I pictured spending our holiday, but it was off to Home Depot for us.

First the removal and relocation to the back yard. At least we fit in with the rest of the neighbors, now. Then it was in with the new!

We got a high-efficiency dual does a half-flush for #1 and a full-flush for #2. Ooooooh...fancy. Actually, the real reason I picked out this model is that the button to flush is on the top of the tank lid. I figure it will be harder for Knox to reach, so there might not be as many renegade flushings once he figures out how the toilet works.

A little fire power to cut the floor bolts down. Thankfully it turned out to be a pretty smooth transition. We did have to put a shim under the edge, but at least there were no leaks.

Yep, this pretty much says it all.

Thanks for your hard work, husband. I promise not to clean any more.