Sunday, January 23, 2011


Exactly two years to the day of finding out Knox would be joining our family, we confirmed that he is upgrading from only child to older brother!

The early estimated due date is September 18th. Once we have our first check up, we'll be sure to pass on any updates.

Knox and Mommy Day

Miss Jeriann wasn't available on Wednesday, so I got to stay home with Knox. I thought it would be fun to go to the zoo. We've been there a few times before, but Knox was too small to understand.

After breakfast, we headed out. They opened at 9:00 am and we were some of the first people through the gates.

A lot of the animals weren't out yet. But some were having breakfast and we were lucky enough to see them up cloase and personal.

Knox really enjoyed watching the monkeys swing and jump. And when they started howling, he was talking back to them.

He was also fascinated by the peacocks and other birds that roam loose on the sidewalks.

And then at 10:00 it was time to feed the giraffes!

On this particular morning, the giraffes were getting carrots. I bought our giraffe food and handed one to Knox.

He promptly stuck it in his mouth, much to Denver's (the giraffe) dismay.

She was persistant, though, and finally Knox realized that it was sort of like feeding the puppies. He is ALWAYS willing to share his snacks with Vinnie and Cooper, despite requests from Mommy and Daddy otherwise.

I told him that sharing with Denver would be OK, this time.

He didn't even flinch when her giant giraffe tongue reached out. I wondered if she would go for his cup of Cheerios, too. But she didn't seem interested.

It was an amazing experience being so close to the giraffes. I am looking forward to feeding them many more times.

After that we went to see the flamingos and ducks. They were definitely interested in Knox's Cheerios, but we did not share.

The otters were out, but not too active (it was kind of chilly to be swimming so early!), and it was a little bit hard for Knox to see them from the stroller, anyway.

It was so nice to spend a day out with my little dude. (And I did not miss being at work.) I could definitely get used to this!

He fell asleep before we got out the gates. I think he had a good time, too.

The Big Four-Oh

Keeping tradition and in celebration of Ib's milestone (4oth!) birthday, we loaded up the car and spent a nice weekend in Pinetop, AZ. They didn't have a lot of snow, but Ib got a great day in on the mountain and Knox and I had some fun of our own.

While Ib was snowboarding, we went out in search of a sled for Knox's first sledriding experience.

He thought the snow was pretty neat and wasn't at all hesitant to jump right in.

Luckily, Ib's friend Chaz was also at the mountain that day so they boarded together. I took some time to stop and take photos while Knox napped in the car on the way to pick him up at the end of the day. Then we enjoyed dinner with Chaz at the Greer Lodge before heading back to our own lodge for the night.

Sunday morning we took our time getting up and ready. We stayed in this same room a few years ago.

Once Knox was all bundled up we headed out to a small hill that the nice lady at Walmart told me the kids use for sledding.

Two shirts, two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks later...he was probably over dressed for the weather, but we figured better safe than sorry!

We took about 6 runs down the hill and he was over it. But he did seem to have fun.

Before we left, we turned him loose in the snow. He was shoveling it into his mouth with both hands. He couldn't eat enough snow!

That went well until his hands got too cold. He wouldn't keep his mittens on; Believe me, I tried!

We had a nice lunch at Ib's favorite wing place: The Native New Yorker before heading back home. Knox entertained the other patrons by throwing his arms up when I said "TOUCHDOWN" while watching the playoff games.

We stopped at the bridge over the Salt River Canyon for some photos.

And then we continued our journey back to Tucson.

The weather was perfect and we had a great time. One of these years we're hoping to get Knox (and Mommy!) on some skiis so we can all go together.

Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you!