Saturday, July 31, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

It's official, and the countdown is on!

I may be biased, but I think they turned out lovely. I hope you like the final product, Seester!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The monsoons have blown into town bringing humidity and misery to us AC-lacking, swamp cooler families. Desperate for some relief, Ib scoped out some nearby community pools and we geared up to take Knox for his first big swimming adventure.

He's been testing the waters at Jeriann's, since she tries to get the kids in the little pool about once a week. And goodness knows he LOVES bath time. So it was really no surprise that he took to the water like a duck.

They wouldn't let us use his wet suit or raft at the community pool for insurance reasons. But we had fun nonetheless. He splashed and "swam" and splashed some more. He was completely zonked out when we got home, and we even had to wake him up to eat dinner.

Today, our friend Sue invited us up to use her pool. Knox got to test out all his gear. The wetsuit was great for keeping him afloat, but he kept tipping to one side or the other. So Daddy readied his ship, and our little pirate set sail.

He just cruised around the pool watching the big boys (Ethan, Ryan and Daddy) play and swim.

Of course, Daddy had to show off his diving board skills.

He made giant splashes, which Knox enjoyed very much.

The raft came with a canopy for shade, which is great! Of course, we were so busy keeping Knox from getting sunburned that Mommy & Daddy forgot sunscreen on ourselves. Ooops!

Another long, fun day tuckered this little guy out. He napped in the car on the way home and woke up just long enough to have some dinner.

There's no stopping this little tadpole. He is growing up fast!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the Menu

Mess. It's What's For Dinner.

Cute. It's What's For Dessert. ♥

Music on the Mountain

The last Sunday in June, we ventured up Mount Lemmon to Summerhaven for the day. Our friend Jim's band was playing at Music on the Mountain. Not only was it a rockin' good time, it was also a great excuse to escape the Tucson heat for the afternoon.

A view of our fair city, as we begin our ascent.

A lovely afternoon to take the bike out. (Dad...are you listening?!)

Still climbing. It is 24 miles from the foothills to Summerhaven. But I love the scenery and the views. I find myself hanging out the window taking pictures every time.

Knox and Daddy tried out some new head gear. Daddy is a better faker than Knox. Truthfully, neither one of them was very impressed with my selection.

We hiked down to the Cookie Cabin and had a little pizza for lunch. Knox had some O's and veggies, and a nice piece of crust.

There was a good crowd and The Jim Howell Band was rocking! They even played the Stray Cats, just for Knox. So he and Daddy got to dance.

We decided to take the long way home...down the back side of the mountain. I'd never been that way, but Ib had. He's actually biked down it several times. I prefer 4 tires, thank you.

What a great ride! Knox was bounced to sleep within the first 3 minutes, and we took our sweet time: stopping for photos and taking it all in.

I have to say, it was nice to get away from civilization for awhile.

As far as the eye can see...and I love the shadows of the clouds.

We even came around a bend to catch a glimpse of the biggest bobcat I have ever seen crossing the road. He was quicker than my camera, though, and disappeared the minute he went into the bushes.

The next closest thing to wildlife we saw, other than a lizard, was the free range cattle. Just a half dozen cows, standing on the hillside. Ib mooo'd at one and he started to charge the truck.

Finally, about 2 1/2 hours after we'd left Summerhaven, we arrived in the town of Oracle. We stopped for dinner at Bub's Grub, a BBQ joint. Knox had his first macaroni & cheese and got to try some of mommy and daddy's apple crisp with ice cream. All in all, it was a fantastic day for our little family!