Saturday, March 10, 2012

Potty Talk

So, I swore I wouldn't be one of "those" moms...talking about my kids' bowel movements or posting photos of them with on the potty with pants around their ankles for the world to see. And I'm going to keep my word. Sort of.

I will mention that in the past few weeks we've been growing up at the speed of light here in the Contessa house! Thanks to patience and persistence on the part of Miss Jeriann, Knox overcame his aversion to the potty chair. He has been "trying" consistently and has had multiple successes! He was so proud of himself the day he came running in the front door to tell me that John-John (Jeriann's son) had helped him go "peeps" in the potty. We've been adding stickers to his potty poster any time he sits on it, just to get the ball rolling. But these successes earn bigger stickers. Even Grammy sent some special cow stickers for the occassion.

We've had our share of accidents. Knox has a book about a duck whose Mommy says "No more diapers!" that we read often. And duck misses the potty on his first few tries. So Knox was quick to tell us after he peeped on the floor, "like duck". And he is such a sweetheart, he even tried to help me clean up the mess. But we focus on the successes...and, yes...we've had one with a #2 as well!

As we press on with the potty training, Mr. Thane (not to be outshined) has been on a roll himself. Literally!

Any time he gets on the floor, he almost immediately rolls over to his belly. And then he gets upset. He's managed to get his leg stuck in the crib a time or two so I've been diligent about swaddling him: even for naps.

He is also getting very good with his hands. He's started reaching out and grabbing things and has even managed to find his mouth with some of them.

We've found his tickle spots and are enjoying his belly laughs. And we're making great progress with solid foods. He enjoys oatmeal with fruit for breakfast every day and is pretty good about having veggies for lunch and dinner as well. He definitely prefers veggies to fruits; at least, that's what his facial expressions indicate. He has a happy disposition and I love him more and more every day.

Our little guys are growing so fast. But each day is more amazing than the day before.