Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lady in Waiting...and Waiting...and Waiting...

Patience has never been one of my virtues. And, as of lately, the calendar and I have become adversaries. "Technically" Knox isn't expected until the 29th but...when you've been ready since's worse than waiting for your mom and dad to get out of bed on Christmas morning. Except that, this time, you don't know exactly when Christmas morning is.

Nevertheless, Ib and I have been enjoying some of our last days as a "family of two" together. We've been walking with the dogs, sleeping in for an extra hour, treating ourselves to dinner out...I even agreed to go to a movie!

Things are progressing, as far as labor is concerned. At my last visit Barbara, my nurse-midwife, told me she thinks Knox is about 8 pounds. I have begun to dilate, and she really expects he'll be here on, if not before, Tuesday. So now we sit back and wait. On an exciting note, mom and Amber will be arriving October 1st. At least we know when they'll be here...provided their flight isn't delayed.

Auntie Puff sent an awesome onesie: Dad-approved. Our neighbors surprised us with 2 huge boxes of baby clothes last week. We'd had a bit of an issue with them and their dogs several weeks ago. I think this was their way of making peace. It was really thoughtful of them, regardless. An old college friend surprised us with a hand-made burp's got pirate skulls and crossbones and is just too cute! And Grandma Maria sent a baby-carrier and some sweet little socks. Thank you to everyone who continues to bless our little family!

Speaking of blessings our newest nephew, Zander Contessa, was born September 15th to a very proud Daddy Sjarief and Momma Tawnisha.

He weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces. Labor went smoothly and everyone is home, healthy and happy.

We will get to meet him in February when they travel to Tucson for the gem show. Hopefully Knox will have decided to come out and join the party by then!

But I suppose there is no sense in letting this "free time" of mine go to waste. I believe the top of the ceiling fan needs dusted.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun With Dogs

Ib and I went to our favorite breakfast joint, Bobo's, yesterday. Everyone was asking how much longer til baby Knox arrives. Debbie, the owner, suggested that in the meantime, Ib might want to practice putting diapers on a doll...just so he's ready. Then, she asked if we had a dog. She said to try diapering the dog...since he'll move a lot more.

Cooper always turns into the guinea pig for these challenges. Of course, Vinnie's tail wouldn't have fit in the diaper anyway, so Cooper was the most logical choice. He didn't put up much fight at all. Although, he wouldn't lay on his back so I had to put it on him while he was standing up. Either way, I think we might be able to do this!

Cooper was clearly bored...but Ib and I were in stitches.

This is what happens when you get restless, waiting for a baby to arrive.

What can I say? We are easily amused.
(No animals were harmed in this experiment.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[No] Labor Day

I am just a little disappointed that I did not have any labor on Labor Day. What's the big idea, anyway? I certainly hope this doesn't mean we have to wait until NEXT Labor Day, now! Ib and I had a relaxing weekend, mostly at home. I found myself at Target...again. This time I have vowed not to purchase one more baby-related item until after Knox has arrived.

Great "Ant" Polly surprised us with gifts for the home stretch, today. This giraffe costume makes me squeal. I just love it! It has a little velcro tail and everything.

Hooray for overalls! He's going to be the cutest little dude, ever. We're counting down the days!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just For Kicks

Here's a little video of Knox kicking. He's fairly active in the evening, right before I go to bed. Sorry for the poor quality, but I think you can still make out my jiggling belly. My breathing is up and down...Knox moving around looks like a wave.


We've made it to September! Holy cow! At times, it seemed like it would never get here...and now, well, it's sort of freaking me out. It's hard to believe that in just a few short weeks Knox will be here. He's pretty popular, already!

This week we received a box from Auntie Nini and family, in Santa Cruz. She hand-painted some awesome onesies. Knox is going to be the coolest baby around.

She also made a set of letters for above Knox's crib. Now his room is complete!

Auntie Puff sent another package, as well. She's been collecting stuff for months, but kept losing it before she could take it to the post office. Knox will definitely be rockin' the Dr. Seuss gear.

And the animal orchestra book is perfect! Animals and instruments...what more does a boy need? I think this will be a favorite on our bookshelf.

The countdown is on!