Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Like My Mom...

Time sure flies when you are chasing after a 21-month old! I came to the startling realization this morning that in little more than 2 months, we will become a family of four. Holy cow!

Knox is growing bigger and doing new things every day. He is starting to talk and we're tossing around the idea of starting potty training. I keep finding myself noticing quirky little things...either something Knox does that reminds me of myself, or something I do that reminds me of my mom or Grandma Clark...


He picks all the cherries out of his fruit cocktail and eats them first.

And I didn't have wipes in the diaper bag at breakfast the other morning, so I dipped my napkin in my water glass to wipe his sticky face and hands.

Although trying at times, I have to say that being a mom is pretty amazing. I love this kid!