Friday, February 26, 2010

Knox + Bananas = Holy Sh*t!

At Knox's 4-month check up, Dr. Hobeich told us he was ready to start rice cereal, if we wanted.

Lately, he has been a bottomless pit, so we decided now was as good a time as any. He took to the spoon, well, like he'd been using one his whole life. But Ib thought we needed to make it taste better for him. He was crazy about them in the womb so, after a few helpings of plain cereal, Knox finally got to taste bananas first hand.

"You want me to eat WHAT?"

"Well...I'll try it, I guess..."

"HEY...let me have some more of that stuff!"

Like father, like son. Ib's first "real food" was mashed bananas, too. And now, Knox won't eat his cereal without them.


Like I said: Bottomless pit. One bowl just wasn't enough.

Mommy had to smarten up and blend some bananas ahead of I can get him a second helping faster.

"Let me help you, Mom!"

"That's the stuff! Have I mentioned I love nanners?"

"My diaper? that what that smell is?"

We've had 4 banana diapers today. Lucky for Mr. "Knox needs to have bananas", he was at work for all of them. But his day will come. And then he's going to need a full suit...not just the mask.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Think Spring

If this little guy doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will.

(The video is only 35 seconds...for the internet impaired)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growing Up Fast

This week Knox has been focusing on laughing. When he didn't have something in his mouth, that is. There are a couple things that almost always make him laugh: Vinnie and Cooper, dancing with Mommy (Rock This Town by The Stray Cats is our favorite) and when Daddy says "Poo-poo, pee-pee, penis, hiney." Apparently, that used to make Daddy laugh when he was little, too.

He has also figured out how to roll himself over on his belly. The first time he did this was right around the 4-month mark. I nearly freaked out when I went to check on him during nap time and he was sleeping on his belly in the crib. But then I realized if he was strong enough to get himself into that position that he is capable of getting out of it. Really, it was no worse than the time I found him with the blanket over his head. Crisis averted, everything back to normal.

Today marks 20 weeks old. So when he purposefully rolled himself over on his mat this morning, I asked him where he thought he was going.

He looked up and Ib and I and laughed.

Yep, our little dude is growing up fast! And we are enjoying every minute.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Knox and Zander got to spend some quality floor time together before they had to head back to Colorado.

Zander is such a cutie!

Knox shared his beloved bugs. Zander was a big fan of Knox's favorite butterfly, too.

Knox chewed on the butterfly, while Zander opted for toes.

Little love pats. So precious!

We're so thankful that the boys were able to meet each other.

Hopefully there will be a lot more "cousin time" together as they grow up.

These two little guys have some of the most intense eyes!

What a couple of special boys. We love you both!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Sunday

Knox's first Super Bowl...he and Daddy dressed up.

But, next year, Mommy will make sure he's got some Buffalo gear!

Or maybe we'll have to do half and half. As long as there's no Cowboys or Steelers colors! Our house; Our rules!

If One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

...prepare yourselves for a novel!

The Annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show is a big event for the Contessa family. And this year was no different. Actually, it was an even bigger event than usual, with three of the newest members of the family in town. Gerri and Ro arrived on Thursday, January 28th. Saturday, Farlan, Shanika, Jayden and Amare drove down from Phoenix, as did Hass & Amy. And Reef, Tawnisha and Zander finished up their treck from Colorado. And somehow we managed to fit everyone in our little house: 10 adults, 4 kids and 4 dogs!

Uncle Ib meets Zander for the first time.

Farlan, Jayden, Shanika & Amare.

Zander, Reef & Tawnisha.

Amare was having fun with all the toys!

Proud Papa, Reef.

Jayden and Bella playing tug.

Gerri & Hass.

Auntie Lisa hanging out with Zander.

Amare...11 months old, already!

Uncle Ib and Jayden having some fun.

Hot mamas!

Gerri & Ro in Auntie Heaven!

Uncle Reef & Amare giggling before bedtime.

Zander & Knox saying "What's Up, Cuz?"

Daddys with their Mini-Me's.

Uncle Hass has kisses for the Knox!

We're too cool.

That's right: runs in the family.

Auntie Gerri...soaking up the cuteness!

Smiles all around!

Uncle Reef showing Knox all about fishy lips.

It's an Auntie Sandwich!

Knox loves his Auntie Ro...he had special good morning smiles for her every day.

It was her first trip to the desert, so Ib took Gerri to see the sights of Tucson.

What would a family get together be without a self-timer group photo?! What a great week. We love you guys! Thanks so much for making the trip.