Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'll Just Put That on My "To-Do" List

Yeah, yeah. I know. Well, let me just tell you what I've been up to! At the end of June, you may remember, I was finally "voted off the island" at work. Restructuring led the company to a final round of layoffs, and I was among the chosen ones.

Save for really enjoying things like groceries and electricity, I wasn't too upset about the turn of events. I was just handed a No Excuses pass to really get my business off the ground. Not to mention, 5 days a week to spend "just being a mom" and enjoying these fleeting moments of my little guys' lives. So I chose to think of it as a gift.

One of our recent amazing outings was to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour fly over Tucson. Since we rarely watch TV and cancelled the cable months ago, it was sheer good luck that a friend of ours texted to invite us to watch with them. I'd have never even known about it, otherwise. We had a prime spot on the top level of a University parking garage.


What an awesome experience! I'm so glad to have been able to see it with the boys.
And then, of course, we had back-to-back birthday celebrations! Mr. Thane turned the big ONE. He started walking about 3 weeks before his birthday. He also started cutting 6 teeth all at once. Poor little guy. But that didn't stop him from digging into his cake. He went STRAIGHT to the bathtub afterwards, too! He has started saying "Dad", "Mom" and "Doggy." And he thinks that putting his food in my mouth is hysterical.

Big Brother Knox celebrated his 3rd birthday. He requested Bugs Bunny on his cake, so I got out my decorating tools and went to work.
He was a happy camper! And, yes, it WAS a carrot cake.

We went out this past Friday night to bid farewell to Laura & John as they make the big move back to Pennsylvania.

We wish them much happiness and success, and hope they'll let us crash on their couch when we pull into town with our moving truck, too. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Saturday we escaped some of the crazy and the heat (we're still in the 90's) and unplugged on Mt. Lemmon. We met a couple of Ib's co-workers and enjoyed a picnic lunch and some hiking.

After a nice nap in the car, the boys were raring to go!

My sweetheart.

We even found a couple geocaches!
Daddy and Knox...double trouble.

Yep...I totally understand now why my Grandma always got matching dresses for me and my sister.

Thane liked the pine cones. He also liked to taste the pine cones. It's OK...they're organic.
Mt. Lemmon is mostly pine trees, but Ib's pal Steve knew of a grove of Aspen trees. We hiked to find that were turning. Perfect timing!
Thane, it turns out, is quite at home in nature. He was totally into the plants and leaves.
And he didn't even let his 3-sizes-too-big-but-boy-are-they-cute boots slow him down.
He and Knox had a good time climbing on this stump.
We really had a nice time. It is so peaceful up on the mountain. And, surprisingly, there weren't too many folks up there. The leaves were just perfect!

Knox was sure to bring a car with him.

We headed back to town just in time to catch the sun setting as we got to the base of the mountain.

I love this shot of Ib. 

So it's back to the crazy. We came home to find my City of Tucson Privilege license in the mailbox. Now, I can legally operate Lisie's Pieces in Tucson, and collect sales tax. I also applied to form an LLC with the state of Arizona. I am hoping to have that go through by the end of this week. My final step will be to apply for my state business license. And then [I think!] I will be a completely legitimate business woman. Holy cow!
My website should be operational by the end of the month.
I sent out my first international order, to Australia.
I answered an ad on craigslist to do a save-the-date design for some folks. They were really fun to work with and the love their post cards.
Things are coming together for the Silent Auction that I'm volunteering for. It is to benefit Mother's Oasis, which is an emotional wellness center for woman suffering from postpartum depression. The event is on November 1st. I have been doing all the marketing materials. We have one final event committee meeting, tomorrow.
My first craft fair is this coming Saturday. I'm a wreck. I feel totally unprepared...but I'm hoping to pull things together throughout the week. I'm waiting on an order of supplies which, of course, I didn't realize I needed until last minute. Those are supposed to arrive Friday, so I'll probably be up late packaging products for Saturday's fair.
In other great news, Fluoresco called me back 2 weeks ago. I am doing part-time contract design work [yep, from home!] for them, again. I am so thankful to be bringing in a little more income than unemployment was providing, but still being able to stay home with the boys and dedicate time to getting Lisie's Pieces off the ground. I feel like the stars have aligned!
And, most importantly, I am still married to the most amazing man in the world. And, somehow, he doesn't think I am crazy for doing all this. At least, he hasn't told me if he does...
Thank you for believing in me, husband. I love you!

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